Meirav is a Brooklyn based artist and the artist-in-residence at the fantastical Mister Rogers, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. 

Gebler's works are a series of meditative processes that explore the tension between the physical and the spiritual, the soul and the body, the light and the dark. In many moments, our words fall short of expressing that which is truth, creating barriers that prevent us from experiencing true light. Honest reflection and meditation triumph in a way that words fail. These paintings are my expression of that tension and the meditation demanded by it.

Working with watercolor and gunpowder illuminates the space between control and uncertainty.  The fluidity of the materials is a reminder of how limited we are to outside forces, yet it is through these moments of perceived limitation that we find our strength and learn to take control.  

[…] It is that very eternal darkness that is so fearsome—that darkness that from the time of Creation has always secretly drawn man’s heart to it, arousing his hidden yearning to gaze on it for a brief moment. Every man is afraid of it and every man is drawn to it. With our very lips we construct barriers, words upon words and systems upon systems, and place them in front of the darkness to conceal it; but then our nails immediately begin to dig at those barriers, in an attempt to open the smallest of windows, the tiniest of cracks, through which we may gaze for a single moment at that which is on the other side. But alas, vain is in the labor of man! At the very moment when the crack is apparently opened—another barrier, the shape of a new word or system, suddenly stands in the place of the old, shutting off the view again.
— Hayim Nahman Bialik "Revealment and Concealment in Language"