ARTLESS Up Bed - King / Fog Velvet 2-FO

$ 2 960.00

ARTLESS Up Solutions were the product of a desire as much as it was a need. In the unfulfilled search for the perfect sofa, the only solution was to design one from scratch. They liked the Danish modern sofas and mid century American sofas, but both proved far from ideal. The shape of the Danes was great, while their fabrics seemed too rough. The American sofas seemed a bit too stiff, designed more for the corporate world than for the home. Aesthetics seemed adequate but the seating was always a bit hard. They designed an aesthetically pleasing sofa without sacrificing comfort, and with soft yet resistant fabrics. ARTLESS Up Bed has a 9 by 9 profile that loops around the mattress, defining the headboard, footboard, and sideboards. While 4 by 4 square Walnut feet complement, and slightly raise, the bed off the ground. The bed is fully padded while perfectly modern, a little oasis of respite. Features Up collection ARTLESS Up Solutions are individually bench built in Los Angeles Available 3 sizes: Queen, King, Cal King Offered in various fabric colors. ARTLESS Up Bed. ARTLESS Up Bed - King / Fog Velvet 2-FO

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