Barlow Tyrie Dune Woven Daybed

$ 4 847.00

This very stylish design draws its basic concept from fluid interior furniture designs of the late nineteen-forties and fifties. It is considered contemporary in appearance today and yet Classic Kagan. The daybed and ottoman are a set, and are supplied with thick base cushions and five throw pillows. Throw pillow are available in all various choices please enquire when ordering. Features Designed by Kagan Highly resistant to fading Minimal maintenance Included cushions: 1 x Dune Daybed Seat Cushions and 1 x Ottoman Cushions The back throw pillows option includes (3) x 22 pillows and (2) x 18 pillows Cushions/Pillows: White Sand 5404 Available in 2 frame colors: Straw, Java More fabric options are available; please inquire when ordering.. Barlow Tyrie Dune Woven Daybed

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