Largo Trafalgar Full Size Bed

$ 487.00

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant focal point to a bedroom, the Largo Trafalgar Bed would be an excellent place to start. The design is really brought into shape with an artistic level of craftsmanship, evident in the hand wrought steel tubes that the bed is made from. Coupled with the hand forged aluminum castings and hand-painted accents, this bed really becomes more than just a utilitarian resting place. The Powder Coat finish highlights this artistic movement, giving the bed a regal and austere feeling. The use of steel and aluminum in the design ensures that this piece is more than just a pretty design, and is instead one that will last for years to come. The rope impressions in the bed posts also help add to the appearance of the bed, giving it the look of a well-preserved antique. The focus on dimension also extends to the turning of the vertical headboard and footboard slats, arranged in rings to match the bed panel crowns. The picture of elegance and sophistication, the Largo Trafalgar Bed is a great solution for any bedroom.Powder Coat textured finishHand-painted accentsHand-wrought, welded steel tubesHand-forged aluminum alloy castings Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.

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