Ecosheex Down King Bed Pillow in White

$ 179.99

One should not have to sacrifice comfort for technology, so we combined the two necessities into our thermoregulating ECOSHEEX® Down Side Sleeper Pillow. If you are looking to add another layer to your SHEEX Performance Sleep SystemTM, this down pillow is the perfect addition for the hot-headed side sleeper who needs neck and spine support. Filled with hypoallergenic white duck down, this pillow utilizes a 2" gusset to distribute the fill for a consistent loft across the entire pillow, providing the support you need. We covered the pillow with a removable, washable cover filled with temperature-regulating CELL SOLUTION®CLIMA fill technology and surfaced it in our ultra-soft, moisture-absorbing ECOSHEEX® performance sateen to balance the heat gain and heat loss from your head for optimal sleep. Technology and comfort unite.Size: King Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.

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