Saloom Furniture Cona Ellipse Dining Table - Smooth Top

$ 1 485.00

Saloom's popular Cona leg table now available with a stunning solid maple ellipse top. Features Part of the SKYLINE collection by Saloom Furniture Designed by Peter Saloom Country of Manufacture: Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA Natural grain variations and character markings enhance the beauty of their tables and make every piece unique All wood surfaces have a high performance catalyzed top coat applied, which protects the furniture from moisture and most household chemicals A simple tapered cone leg with a solid maple top Full envelope finishing seals the table top and bottom to minimize moisture moving in and out of the wood Hand applied multi-step finishes Suitable for indoor use Available in 2 sizes: 36 x 70 , 42 x 80 Available in various wood finishes Care Instructions: When in use, Saloom recommends using trivets, placemats, and tablecloths to protect the top from plates, hot pans, dishes, etc. Clean the table by using a slightly damp sponge or cloth - use a mild dish soap or detergent if desired - then dry with a soft towel or cloth. Try to wipe up spills quickly so cleaning is easy. Never use abrasive cleaners or sponges. Never let candle wax drip on the table - it will discolor the finish. Avoid direct sunlight - ultraviolet rays will change the color of the wood over time. If your table is in a sunny area, never leave an object on your table for an extended period of time - you could very well find that the area underneath the object is a different color than the rest of the table!. Saloom Furniture Cona Ellipse Dining Table - Smooth Top

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