$ 4 400.00

ARTLESS THN pieces expand the minimalist language they find at the heart of their designs. This new and expanding collection is the unintended marriage between two ARTLESS lines. The solid Walnut of the SQ Family and the contrasting lacquered elements of the Units. In the case of the THN, the solid Walnut becomes a protective box enveloping two smaller lacquered drawer boxes. The lacquered boxes are proportioned to be two thirds of the piece. With this move the functionality and mass of the drawers is exacerbated with the visual appeal of an open, see-through space. THN stands for The Hawks Nest a name chosen by one of their earliest and greatest supporters, and a very dear client. ARTLESS THN XL Dresser did not come about easily. Before arriving at what seemed so obvious, they had to go through a very circuitous path. Through reduction and sublimation, these pieces achieve the quiet presence they always strive for in their work. The result is a purity and functional precision they could not be prouder off. Features THN collection Color: Walnut. ARTLESS THN XL 1 Dresser. ARTLESS THN XL 1 Dresser

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