Serta iComfort Hybrid HB300S Cushion Firm Queen Size Mattress

$ 2 299.00

The perfect size for couples, the Queen size Serta iComfort Hybrid HB300S Cushion Firm is one of the most interesting models in the line. It has a ton of great features and a relatively affordable price, but the medium soft Comfort Scale score of 6.5 means this mattress feels more like a plush than a cushion firm. In my opinion, this is actually a good thing since this mattress is highly adaptable. It is soft enough for side sleepers, but it is still firm enough to provide good support for back or stomach sleepers.The “S� in the name stands for “Smooth Top�, which describes the design of the quilt. The quilt is really nice since it conforms to the body quite well, allowing the comfort layers to do a really good job reducing pressure. Key comfort layers consist of a layer of the signature Cool Action Gel Memory Foam and the EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam. Both of these high-end memory foams provide exceptional pressure relief to help minimize tossing and turning. The Triple Effects goes a step further by including phase change material that draws body heat away from the surface to help you sleep cooler, and it also includes titanium gel beds for added support. The Duel Elite Individually Wrapped Coil Support System utilizes hundreds of dual stage coils that initially conform to the body and then provide solid underlying support. This system is highly beneficial for couples because it helps decrease motion transfer, so you sleep undisturbed, and is also adjustable base compatible. The Best Edge Foam Encased edge support provides freedom of movement, even when sleeping to the edge-- a great feature that’s especially nice if you share a Queen size.All in all, the Queen size Serta iComfort Hybrid HB300S is a great mattress for just about everyone, and it is one of my personal favorites this year. Its combination of value, comfort, and support make it an outstanding choice. Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.

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