TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Queen Size Mattress by Tempur-Pedic

$ 2 724.00

Expert Review by JedThe Queen size TEMPUR-Flex Supreme is a great option for couples who want a mattress with a medium comfort. It achieves a blend of softness and support that will work well for most sleepers, contouring well to the curves of the body while providing the firm underlying support you need for a good night's sleep.At the heart of the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme, the Dynamic Support Layer gently contours to the curves of the body while providing deep-down support using densely arranged Precision Coils. Next, TEMPUR-ES material and TEMPUR-Response material work together to provide the contouring comfort you would expect from a Tempur-Pedic. Furthermore, these cutting-edge materials respond even faster than traditional Tempur-Pedic foams, improving upon the design that made Tempur-Pedic a major player in the mattress world.At the very surface of the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme, the SmartClimate System gives the quilt a cool to the touch feel that helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature and reduce perspiration. The EasyRefresh Top Cover can also be removed for easy washing or even be replaced with a brand new top cover. The top covers are made from smooth, premium fabric that is flexible so it can move with the comfort materials as they adjust and contour to your body. All the while, antimicrobial properties resist microorganisms such as dust mites for a healthier sleep environment with less allergens and asthma inducing irritants.Overall, the Queen size TEMPUR-Flex Supreme mattress is a great choice for couples in search of a hybrid mattress with a medium comfort. It provides body-contouring comfort and firm underlying support with high-quality comfort materials for a superior sleep experience. Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.

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