Vondom Kes Left Sectional Sofa - Basic Black

$ 1 635.00

KES is a modular seating system for furnishing outdoor spaces. The main objective is to create endless and articulated compositions; sofas, chaise and lineal and angular poufs. Either armchairs formed by individual elements or large islands as a result of the union of several parts. The most interesting feature in this project is the visible cut on the base part, which makes it possible to insert additional elements, such as backrests, armrests and tables. This cut becomes an architectural, decorative and practical symbol, which is distinct and useful, simple as well as complex, and of great worth in the interpretation of this product. Features Kes collection Designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Includes slip resistant feet Assembly hardware included to join sections Available in various finishes. Vondom Kes Left Sectional Sofa. Vondom Kes Left Sectional Sofa - Basic Black

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