Vondom Vela Sectional Sofa Corner - Black

$ 1 910.00

The Vela Sofa, curving lines and an inwardly angled base that creates a floating illusion. The lavishly padded cushion is made from a nautical fabric, for indoor or outdoor use, in a choice of matching or contrasting colors. This versatile footrest makes for excellent additional seating or serving as an ottoman or footrest in spacious settings. Providing peace of mind is the weather-resistant and impact-resistant polyethylene composition and nonslip feet.The collection gives the illusion that it is almost mere inches above the floor and when they are illuminated they are transformed into architectural sculptures. It is manufactured by rotational molding with lineal low density polyethylene. It is a 100% recyclable material that supports extreme climatic conditions, from -76 degree F to 176 degree F, as well as resistant to UV- rays. *Lacquered version has a glossy finish Features Vela sectional collection Designed by Ramon Esteve Made in Spain Modern, sturdy design for outdoor furniture perfectly suited as coastal living furniture,pool furniture, commercially rated forrestaurant chairs and tables, bar stools, and nightclub furniture Sofa Corner Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Available with different bright colors finishes. Vondom Vela Sectional Sofa Corner. Vondom Vela Sectional Sofa Corner - Black

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