Room B Shell2 Sofa - Clear White Oak / Linen / Ebony Beech

$ 4 800.00

The Shell2 Sofa is a modified version of the original Shell Sofa. It offers a higher backrest for a different overall feel and style then the original. As with all of the Shell and Shell2 series of seating, the cushions are removable from the wood frame and reversible, including the arms. The foam consists of various densities of high grade polyurethane foam and natural latex foam. Natural latex is a renewable resource and is also more durable then other synthetic foams. By using these higher grades of foam, we can achieve a better and longer lasting product. Feature Shellcollection Made in Canada Handmade/Eco-friendly Available in 2 base woods: Clear White Oak, Wenge Dark Oak Offer in various cushion colors and finish/styles. Shell2 Sofa

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