Moooi Power Nap Sofa - Divina 3 Blue

$ 6 169.00

A classy and stylish promotor of comfortable lounging for it encourages the possibility, however unexpected, of enjoying a quick nap to freshen up. Less space-consuming than a sofa bed and more versatile than a regular sofa, Power Nap can be lifted and reclined, becoming the perfect solution for all occasions. Features Designed by Marcel Wanders, 2005 Available in various upholstery types and colors Care Instructions: Approximately every 1000 cycles, or once each year, the rotating parts should be treated with a dry lubricant, e.g. Teflon spray. After applying the spray, the product can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.. Moooi Power Nap Sofa. Moooi Power Nap Sofa - Divina 3 Blue

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