Vondom Surf Sun Chaise - Steel

$ 1 300.00

The Vondom Surf Sun Chaise is the perfect outdoor lounge chair or day bed for both in and out of the water. A beautiful piece of modern outdoor furniture, the Surf Sun Chaise can be submerged in shallow water by removing the plug at its base, making it the coolest sun bathing lounge chair around. Designed by Karim Rashid, the Vondom Surf Sun Chaise is made from polyethylene (plastic) and manufactured via rotational moulding, a process that allows for the Surf Sun Chaises fluid sculptural form and durability. Available in a range of brilliant colors, the Vondom Surf Sun Chaise is modern outdoor furniture at its avant garden best, sculptural, long-lasting and comfortableand suited to both residential and commercial applications. *Lacquered version has a glossy finish Features Surf collection Designed by Karim Rashid Best of Year award by Interior Design 2012 Made in Spain Modern, sturdy design for outdoor furniture perfectly suited as coastal living furniture,pool furniture, commercially rated forrestaurant chairs and tables, bar stools, and nightclub furniture Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use Available with different finishes. Vondom Surf Sun Chaise. Vondom Surf Sun Chaise - Steel

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