Vondom Solid Sofa (Set of 4) - Bronze - Basic / None

$ 2 120.00

Solid is innovative collection designed by Stefano Giovanni for Vondom. It is a group of items which despite being light weight offer contract-grade stability thanks to their geometric and well-defined cuts that echo a Solid form cut from stone. The collection includes a sofa, lounge chair, a dining/desk chair, a dining/desk chair with armrests, a dining/game table and a cocktail table. This collection is innovative due to the stackable nature of each piece for convenient storage and mobility. Features Solid Collection Designed by Stefano Giovanni and Elisa Gargan Nautical Fabric: Indoor/outdoor Vinyl fabric Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Stackable Available in various colors Choose from different cushions. Vondom Solid Sofa (Set of 4). Vondom Solid Sofa (Set of 4) - Bronze - Basic / None

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