Ferm Living Turn Sofa 3 Seater - Cotton - Dark Grey

$ 2 999.00

This modern and multifunctional sofa is all about contrasts, as a strict sculptural outer shape complements a soft and inviting rounded inner. The reversible seat cushion is dual-tone and can be turned around in a snap in order to let you decide the look depending on your mood or personal preference. A double stitching detail underlines the two contrasting colors on each side of the cushion. Each Turn sofa is combined by two colors in the same fabric, which can be mixed as you prefer. The color and fabric of the corpus will automatically be identical to one of the sides of the seat cushion. No matter which color combination and fabric you choose, this sofa has a timeless and clean look with its tight upholstery and simple frame in powder coated metal. Although there is a zipper on the seat cushions on both daybed and sofa, the cover must not be removed from the cushions at any time, as it is quite impossible to get the cover on again. It is normal that the manufacturer uses a zipper, as it is easier for them than to sew upholstery together eventually. They have a machine which presses together the foam, which makes it possible to mount the cover. Features Designed by Trine Andersen Country of origin: Poland Two colored reversible cushion Delivered fully assembled Available in 2 fabrics Special order only. Ferm Living Turn Sofa 3 Seater. Ferm Living Turn Sofa 3 Seater - Cotton - Dark Grey

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