Vondom Ulm Sofa - Basic Black / Silvertex White

$ 2 505.00

Like a shell perfectly poised over the floor, Ramn Esteve achieves the Ulm Daybeds design with refined and clean spherical geometry. Its circular form and grand scale adapt to each setting while its swivel feature permits it to effortlessly rotate on its axis. As with the rest of the Ulm collection, it is designed with the bare essential qualities of utility and function in mind, discarding all superfluous elements. As such, it is highly adaptable and easy to maintain. Features Ulm collection Designed by Ramn Esteve Silvertex Fabric: Indoor/outdoor Vinyl fabric liner (Special insert option) Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Available in various finishes Offered in various cushions For more fabric and color options, please contact a Sales Manager at 888-222-4420. Vondom Ulm Sofa. Vondom Ulm Sofa - Basic Black / Silvertex White

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