Vela Sofa XL Right Arm Section by Vondom

$ 2 490.00

It is your right to demand a longer sectional. The Vondom Vela Sofa XL Right Arm Section allows you to do that without needing another component. It is nearly 2 feet wider than the standard Vela Right Arm Section, providing lots more room to stretch out. The base is made by rotation molding matte white polyethylene, while the cushions come in a matching white all-weather vinyl upholstery. Founded in 2010 in Valencia, Spain, Vondom creates wonderfully avant-garde furniture, planters, lighting and accessories for outdoor or indoor use all over the world. Designers like Karim Rashid, Eero Aarino, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba have been engaged by Vondom to make creative use of plastics and other durable materials. The results are contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories that run the gamut from playfully curvaceous to artfully sculptural to out-and-out fractal.

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